Tsuen Wan Trade Association Chung Loi Kindergarten

Tsuen Wan Trade Association
Chung Loi Kindergarten

Curriculum Characteristic


Teaching Language

Chinese, English, Putonghua


Curriculum Design

    In accordance with the EDB's curriculum guidelines, the teaching curriculum is designed to inspire children's multi-intelligence development.  Based on child-oriented and play-based-learning for the development needs of young children and to have comprehensive and balanced education, providing access to English and Mandarin, practice the two-language and trilingual teaching. Also, it fosters the good character of young children to respect their parents and teachers. At the same time, appropriate courses will be designed to cater for individual differences in response to the needs of individual children.


Teaching Methods

    Diversified teaching activities in small groups/groups, through theme-based, design activities and teaching, with the computer information e-learning platforms, arrange extracurricular visits to allow children to build knowledge through practical experience, hands-on experience, and exploration of things.


Support for students

    Provide care and support according to the physical and psychological needs, giving care and support, and contact parents on regular basis and parent's workshop such as Adaptation week, parent-child activities, e-learning platform, parent's specific seminars, different types of home school activities and parent workshops etc.


Student Interest Activity 

    Specialist teachers teach dance classes, drawing classes and English interest classes.


Professional Teaching 

    Continue to collaborate with colleges, educational institutions and peers, participate in quality education fund research projects, conduct teaching innovation and discussion, and develop quality early childhood education.


Early childhood learning assessment

    The school conducts regular learning experience assessment reports by continuously observing and recording the learning outcomes of young children.