Tsuen Wan Trade Association Chung Loi Kindergarten

Tsuen Wan Trade Association
Chung Loi Kindergarten

              To meet the learning needs of non-Chinese speaking children, we have different support to assist non-Chinese speaking parents. (General notices, parent-child homework and other documents are provided with Chinese and English text descriptions, and there is a special person to accompany the real-time translation for parents in need to choose). In addition to actively contacting non-Chinese speaking parents to maintain good communication, teachers are also encourage non-Chinese speaking parents to actively participate in school activities.


Information on enquiries for parents of non-Chinese speaking children

1.“Education Bureau’s support and resources for NCS Parents and Education services for NCS students Kindergarten Website”

“Helping your children in kindergarten age” Parent Brochure

3.“Admission Arrangements for Nursery (K1) Classes website”

4.“Supporting Kindergarten Website for Non-Chinese Speaking Parents and Students"

5. Centre for Harmony and Enhancement of Ethnic Minority Residents (CHEER)
    Interpretation and Translation Services: 3106 3104
    Fax: 3106 0454
    E-mail: tis-cheer@hkcs.org

6. Other learning links:

  尖峰漢語  https://www.chinese26.com/category/%E4%B8%BB%E9%A0%81/

  "Leaning is fun”APP https://openknowledge.wixsite.com/openknowledge/ncs

  C-For-Chinese @JC website https://jccc.hk/zh-hk/author/cforchinese

  Standing Committee on Language Education and Research (SCOLAR) https://scolarhk.edb.hkedcity.net/tc/project/2019-21/supporting-non-chinese-speaking-children-learning-chinese