Tsuen Wan Trade Association Chung Loi Kindergarten

Tsuen Wan Trade Association
Chung Loi Kindergarten

School Profile

   Tsuen Wan Trade Association Chung Loi Kindergarten is the first non-profit kindergarten founded by the Tsuen Wan Association Education Foundation Limited in 1990 and consist a group of enthusiastic educators who are responsible for monitoring and guiding, and operating the school's teaching and administration.



     We have been practicing the beliefs of 'Faith, love, diligence' in the spirit of ‘Promoting education and extending our love' to cultivate children’s comprehensive and balance development of 'moral, intellectual, physical, group, art’, and to provide a wide range of activities to stimulate children's learning potential and thinking ability and to focus on caring and having a harmonious school atmosphere, and to lay out a solid foundation for children's perfect personality and lifelong learning.



      From the view of the guidelines on Kindergarten education curriculum (2017), the mechanism of continuous development and overall self-assessment system has been systematically improved the quality of learning and teaching, to lay the foundation of lifelong learning for children and cultivate spiritual knowledge, and willing to learn and explore the environment around us, build their self-confidence and concept. Cultivate perseverance, respect others, responsibility, Have the courage to assume…etc. those positive values. Also we are aiming to adapt to the consonantly change in the world. To create a pleasant and harmonious kindergarten and to ensure those children are taken care every day with love, positive and happy learning.


What we focus in this year:

1. Enhance teachers' practical positive behavior management skills and strategies, cultivate positive values in children, continue parent education, collaborative the use of positive behavior management skills.

2. Picture books as teaching strategies to promote the development of children's language and morality, to enhance early childhood language, expression and ability to understand.